Anywhere Fan Portable Dog Fan

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  • NO WIRES CORDLESS FAN: Power-bank operated fan with 12 speeds and wide angle for maximum fan power. Allows for use in a variety of environments. Option to operate fan using a phone adaptor possible.


  • POWER BANK OPERATED: Operate the fan using any portable power bank (phone power bank or other USB connected power source). Get up to 35 hours of operating time based on the power bank battery used. (Power bank not included) 2.4A> For Best Air flow results


  • POWERFUL & QUIET: 12 wind speeds. Perfect for office, bedside, outdoor camping, garden, cooling pets crates, in car, construction sites, poolside cooling as well as desk office fan.


  • PORTABLE: Take Anywhere fan. Light and easy to carry fan. Easy to use fan. Cordless convenience brought to a powerful fan. Corded or cordless operation available.


  • POWER USING PHONE CHARGER (not included) OPTION: 2.4A> For best air flow results.


  • QUIET: Perfect for use indoors and outdoors.