RCK9 Weighted Harness

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Undergoing a number of sample stages along with rigorous testing amongst a variety of working breeds across the UK, we have produced a training tool of the highest calibre.  At the forefront of our mind, it was important for our key priorities to be met, resulting in a product that is non-restrictive during movement whilst fitting snug across the chest and underbelly, fulfilling the needs of correct fit, comfort and safety to enhance functionality.

No corners have been cut during production, using the strongest quality materials, heavy duty D-rings, thick neoprene inner padding with a black-camo finish; the RCK9 Weighted Vest is in a league of its own. 

Health benefits include:

Building muscle tone and development

Increasing stamina and strength

Intensifying exercise time

Assisting in weight loss


Weight of harness (fully loaded):

Medium; 4.5kg

Large; 4.8kg



Please refer to the measurement guide above and ensure your dog is properly measured before selecting their size.

Medium; Chest - 22"- 29" / Neck - 16"- 21"

Large; Chest - 29"- 40" / Neck - 23"- 34"



Please read before use;

- Not to be used on dogs under the age of 18 months

- Must introduce weights gradually to comfortably condition your dog to the vest

- Must ensure your dog has warmed up before use to avoid joint, muscle or tendon damage

- Dogs must be supervised at all times whilst in use

- Must not be used on dogs with any health issues, e.g. heart, joint or bone problems, etc.