The Standard Paw Medic Pet First Aid Kit

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Ideal to keep at home or in the car boot, has everything you could need for most common injuries, ensuring you are prepared for any emergency and protecting the welfare of your pets.

What’s included:
X4 alcohol pads
X4 iodine prep pads
X4 sting relief pads
Large abdominal pad
X4 large adhesive dressings
X4 small adhesive dressings
Syringe barrel
Rubber tourniquet
Nail clippers
X2 lancets
Styptic stick
Emergency blanket
Microporous tape
X2 eye wash pods
Pill box
X2 pairs sterile latex gloves
Flea comb
Instant ice pack
Safety pins
Tough cut Scissors
Cotton buds
X2 waste bags
S/M/L cohesive vet wrap
X2 large bandage
X2 small bandage
CPR face shield
Tick remover
X2 wooden tongue compresses